How to fit in with the fitness nuts

If you ever find yourself at a large fitness convention, trade show, or conference you will want to blend in with your fitness friends. Here are my tips:

1. Tan…. make sure you have a slight orange glow to your skin. Tanning booth, spray tan….doesn’t matter. Just don’t show up like your from Boston in the winter.

2. Neon Shoes. . . very important. Neon shoes say, “I’m full of energy and my shoes are as fun as my personality”. They are like a personal trainer homing-beacon. Does your outfit need to match your shoes?     No…jeans, khakis. . . .doesn’t matter. If your tight shirt doesn’t give it away everyone will know you’re a trainer because of your glow-in-the-dark soles.

3. Edgy haircut. . . . .bring your product guys! I suggest some sort of spiking or faux-hawk. Ladies. . . maybe some color? Red? Pink?    That 1999 Posh Spice cut seems to rather popular too.

4. Don’t eat just drink coffee. . . .the whole time.

5. Do Not use the escalators. Are you crazy? Be seen on an escalator instead of the stairs? Your a fitness professional, I don’t care if your knee hurts.

6. Wear your shirt that says personal trainer on the back just in case no one noticed the tan, neon shoes, cool haircut or your Starbucks.



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