How Self-Regulatory Efficacy and the Legion of Doom Will Make You Unstoppable

Self-Regulatory Efficacy can be a deal breaker or a game changer. It is best defined as regulating how you feel when dealing with tasks, circumstance and goals.

Now apply that to fitness, strength, fat loss, or general health goals. It is no-wonder that it has been found that those with higher Self-Regulatory Efficacy reach goals and set new ones AND in turn, those who accomplish goals report having higher (SRE). Research Here.

If you read my material or work with me you know I try to address “exercise psychology” or the human element as it relates to improving our health through diet and exercise. SRE is a cornerstone of being successful in the gym and kitchen.

Can we improve it?

As it relates to goals, we can. Set achievable and measurable goals, but don’t set them if you DO NOT KNOW the methods to reach them. That’s a mistake I see all too often and have ranted about a few times in this blog.

After you have set your first achievable goals and have accomplished them, set bigger ones and bigger ones and bigger ones. As you hit each milestone your SRE improves with it. You no longer wonder if you’re going to hit a goal, it’s just a matter of work, sweat and time. The most important factor is because you can believe you can.

You are now staring in the mirror at a plateau smashing warrior of confidence, muscle and mind strengthened at once as if they were obnoxious high-fiving training partners. I view mine as long-time tag team champions The Legion of Doom, also known as the Road Warriors. Spiked shoulder pads mother-f*cker!! You’ll be elbow dropping pip-squeak goals dressed in light blue singlets in no time, but first you need to BELIEVE you can.


– Josh Gould

Posted in Exercise Psychology.