How many calories should I eat a day?

That is a loaded question! Here is an easy yet very effective answer.

If you want to lose weight, eat less than you typically consume. If you want to gain weight, eat more than you typically consume.

Boring answer I know! But I speak the truth.

Because of metabolisms, body weight, body composition, genetics, etc, it is impossible to create an ideal number of calories. (Way to go USDA for the whole 2,000 calorie thing)

Step one, record everything you eat for a typical week. Websites such as and can help you with nutritional facts and creating a diet diary.

Step two. Eat less or eat more depending on your goals. Since weight loss is relative as long as you’re eating less than you were you will lose weight. I would start with reducing 200 calories a day if losing weight is your goal. I often find that people just over complicate the process of losing weight.

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Good luck!

-Josh Gould

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