How important is our metabolism?


In regards to weight loss or weight management a healthy metabolism is more important than your workouts or your diet. Of course diet and exercise create the health of your metabolism but as far as the amount of calories you burn, your basal (resting)  metabolism is responsible for burning more than a workout burns or meal adds.

Let me try to clarify– a lot of us head to the gym to burn calories performing “cardio”. During a good session we can burn maybe 300 calories. However, once we step off our cardio machine the calorie burning stops, unlike our basal metabolism which burns  calories day and night. So it is smart to shift our focus from calorie burning workouts to metabolic boosting workouts, such as weight training (this is why my clients do far more weight training than cardio).

Now that we know how important our metabolism is, here are 3 ways to boost it.


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