How does hot weather affect my running?

Yes. Weather can have a great impact on athletic performance. I recommend taking these simple precautions and adjustments in accordance to the summer heat.

1. Drink more water! You may have noticed that you sweat more when the weather is warmer. The reason is simply that the body is expending water to attempt to cool the body. Here in the humid Northeast the air seems to hold more moisture unlike dry areas such as the southwest. Liquids will always try to balance levels inside and outside of a permeable surface such as your skin. When the atmosphere is humid it may physically pull water (sweat) to the surface of your skin.

2. Water is not the only thing lost when you sweat. Electrolytes are also lost making it even more important to hydrate in the heat.

3. Do not let the breeze fool you. Running along the water against the wind may feel refreshing in the summer weather but remember that it is not cooling the body or your internal temperature. What you are feeling is just the sensation on you skin’s sensitive nerve endings.

-Josh Gould

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