How are those resolutions going?

Resolutions hit no one harder than the fitness industry because many resolutions are aimed to improve one’s health whether it is fat loss, to add muscle, improve cardiovascular strength, etc. In the fitness industry we see the same trends every year. Gym visits sky rocket in the months of January and February due to the amount of “resolutionists”.
This year it will be different for you. Do not become a resolutionist. Adopt a lifestyle change to improve your health and reach your fitness goals for the long haul. Start out by developing 1, 3, and 6 month measurable goals. Make the goals realistic. It is easier to reset a goal to be more difficult than reducing it when you get the feeling you will not reach it.
There is never any better time than NOW. Don’t tell yourself when things “die down at work” or when you get back from vacation, etc. You will find that there will never be a better time. By pushing back your fitness goals you are not waiting for a better time but allowing more things to get in the way.
Make the positive change I did many years ago. I told myself that I’d only be at this age once and I wanted a better body and why shouldn’t I enjoy it now. And so it began. 6 months later and 50lbs lighter my life was changed. Had I not sucked it up and gone for it I still might be “waiting for a better time”.

Not to be rude but I’ll tell you what other trainers might not.

Stop being a baby. It’s time to get serious. You owe it to yourself and as you age you’re only making it harder for yourself. Get your ass in gear.


Josh Gould

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