Hotel Workout

Sometimes we don’t want to let a vacation derail our fitness efforts. This is a quick workout that can be performed in any hotel where ever you are to give you a little boost.

Perform this workout with little rest (-30secs) 3 times through.

Jumping jacks to warm-up (30-60 secs)

Spider push-ups (to fatigue)

Jumping lunges (switching feet in air, 20 total)

Body weight shoulder presses (to failure)

Jumping-jacks (60 seconds)

Split squat (put foot on bed, 10 each side)

Plank (30-60 secs)

Incline push-ups (feet on bed, to failure)

Flat push-ups (feet on floor, to failure)

Decline push-ups (hands on bed, to failure)

This is designed to keep your metabolism firing. I recommend doing this in the morning before your day starts. If a timing device is not available, commercials are really helpful. Tell yourself you’ll do jumping jacks, etc, for a commercial or until the show comes back on.

I suggest getting some nice jogs in as a supplement or replacement. A jog is a great way to see a city and could give you a preview of something you might want to check out later. Have a blast and if exercise never pops into the brain good! It will be waiting for you when you get back.


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