Hi, I’m a personal trainer

It gets thrown around a lot, “I’m a personal trainer”. There are various occasions when it comes up and even more various reactions. Throwing around the title yields a lot of results.

It’s just not the same as saying, “hi, I’m an accountant” …..boooooring.

“hi, I’m a sales rep”…….snoooooze.

I’m not saying these jobs aren’t important but they sure as hell aren’t interesting face it. So….Josh…you’re such a glorious personal trainer…sooo interesting. Yeah, yeah I know what you’re thinking. You can’t deny that a majority of people find what I do interesting or unique. How do I know? Because the conversation never ends after, “hi, I’m a personal trainer”. Let me take you through a couple cases where throwing around the title is beneficial and times that I now choose to lie and just say a boring job.

In general people are interested in what I do. Cook outs, family parties, events, dinners, etc, people usually pick my brain about this and that.

“what do you do to stay in shape?”

“how do I get rid of this (grab stomach fat)”- I get this more than you can imagine.

Or I just get the life fitness story of the person I’m talking with. “well, I love yoga and I just did a 5k, etc”. I give them the verbal pat on the back, act very impressed, and move on.

My goal in this situation is to network, hand out some business cards and try to field some of the less complicated questions a long with pointing everyone in the direction of my website for more information on the given topic. Asking that “how do I get rid of this” question drives me nuts. Do you know how complicated that is. I could be irresponsible and give them a short answer but I have a hard time with that. Maybe next time I’ll lie and say, “oh man it’s this crazy new brownie diet” and laugh my ass of later.

Moments like these are why I don’t tell people on planes what I actually do. I fly 6 or 7 times a year and I’ve found that it’s just best to tell them I’m an importer/exporter like Art Vandelay.

One of my favorite situations is the bar/ club scene.

Pretty girl (PG)- “Hi Josh, so what do you do?”

“I travel a bunch, cook, workout, stuff like that”

PG- “No silly I mean what is your job” (I knew what she meant I just think it’s lame that people act like they care what the other person does and then judge them entirely from it. )

“In short, I’m a personal trainer” (I also work in corporate fitness but no one knows what the hell that is, I am also an intern director for the New England region and business owner but lets just keep it short)

PG- “oh my god! you are? Will you be my personal trainer? I’m like going to Jamaica in June and I like need to like lose this (gut squeeze action again, I told you it happens consistently)”

” I don’t know I’m expensive”

PG- “Will you do it for free? (I’m really hot so you’re going to do it for free, right?)”

“um no, but feel free to email me Monday”

Next week I’ll hear it all again.


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