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About a month or two ago a rep from Herbalife 24 supplement line contacted me regarding this website and wanted to know if he could send the supplement line my way. Without any questions asked or requests, he simply sent me a box loaded with supplements. This is actually rather typical. As a website owner and blog writer companies will contact you in hopes that you will write about their product or ask if you’ll include a link to their site. I NEVER allow it. You readers come here because I tell the truth about diet and exercise. Your opinion and loyalty means more to me than the chump change they’ll give me for lying about their product.  BUT, there are 2 things that Chad from Herbalife 24 did right. He simply sent me all their products without ever asking anything from me. Only after I had time to try the product out did he want my honest feedback, fair enough. You play nice with me, I’ll play nice with you. I’m not here to whore out my blog.

I’m taking the time to write this because I, in fact, enjoyed a few of their products and would recommend them. It seems as though Herbalife 24’s aim was to cater to the “24 hour athlete” and not get lost in the mix with the hope-inducing miracle pills and the extreme bodybuilding supplements. A long with their product line I liked that fact that they offered additional information on who should use the product, when to take it, what it is good for, and what other products you can take in conjunction. They can even help you customize your routine  based on what type of athlete you are.

The two supplements I enjoyed were Rebuild Strength and Hydrate. These are the exact words of my honest feedback for them.

“Rebuild Strength: Tastes good (chocolate). Mixed easily in water. I wish there was 30g of protein but I still used it regularly. For someone with my goals (muscle building, staying lean) this product would be my favorite. I’m also glad you put an emphasis on amino acids.”

“Hydrate: I actually really liked this product. The tangerine citrus flavor was light but I prefer that. I would use it towards the end of my longer workouts. For example my leg workouts can be long and towards the end I often cramp in my hamstrings or calves if I’m not very hydrated. In my current cutting phase I also perform cardio post workout and it was nice to have a little taste in my water. I also prefer the to-go sticks so I can just toss them in my gym bag.”

So there you have it. If you are interested in learning more you can simply click on the products above or visit the Herbalife 24 website to view all their products. -Josh


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