Healthier & Tastier Scrambled Eggs

Eggs are an American breakfast classic. Let me give you my tips on how to make healthier tastier scrambled eggs.

1. Cut down on the yolks. Unless you splurge for the DHA Omega-6 eggs like I do limit your yolk consumption to 2 a day. However, scrambled eggs are a great way to mix in some extra whites with the tastier yolks. Two whole eggs with 2 egg whites will leave you with a perfect 25 grams of muscle building protein.

2. When I say scramble I mean SCRAMBLE!!! Don’t get lazy scrambling those eggs. Your mixture should have no clear or dark yellow spots. This will also help the eggs stay light and fluffy. I often mix my eggs in a tall glass instead of a bowl. I find it’s easier to break the yolks up against the inside walls of the glass with my fork.

3. Scrambled eggs need attention. Cook them on medium to low heat and cook them slow. Don’t walk away when cooking scrambled eggs. Keep them moving in a small to medium pan.

4. Add salt while cooking them. SALT? You mean I won’t get fat and die? Unless you’re eating frozen meals and canned food on the daily you won’t die adding some salt to your eggs. Stick with sea salt or kosher salt. Ditch the table salt. Seasoning eggs well will really bring out the taste and hide the blandness of the egg whites.

5. Keep piling the eggs to the middle as they cook letting the runny egg slide to the pan surface. The scrambled eggs will dry out quick. In most cases they are done cooking before you think they are.

6. Spice them up! I like to add garlic powder, scallions, or any type of hot sauce (green Tabasco is my fave).

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