Health Food Sucks

Health food sucks! Yeah, I said it. I’d like to discuss, in my opinion, why health food is the problem and not the answer in America.

Let us take a look at the American culture over the past few centuries. Health problems are piling up at an exponential rate. What do I mean? The human has a achieved so much in regards to building, creating, and inventing. We seem to have powerful, unstoppable brain capacity. However, in all our glory we have become a bit irresponsible in regards to our actual health. In our disgusting love for instant gratification we have created a lot of things that severely affect our long term health. It started with the industrial boom; buildings, combustion engines, plastics, fossil fuels, harmful carbons, chemical cosmetics, dangerous pills and an endless amount of “artificials”.

Let me explain why Health Food is the problem, not the answer.

I hope you get the idea without me sounding like a looney health nut or strapping myself to a tree to save the rainforest. Just take a quick look at what is called our built environment. For obvious reasons we are influenced to live a certain lifestyle based on our built environment.

It is now common knowledge that America’s built environment is one that produces an unrivaled obesity rate among its population with all the health problems that come along with obesity; heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer is fond of hiding in fatty tissue.

Stick with me now. So we know America is fat: fat kids, fat adults, fat babies, fat pets. Frighteningly similar to the medical field in regards to prescription drugs, we, as humans, try to make a quick fix for the problems that have built up over centuries instead of modifying lifestyle and behavior. For example consider blood pressure medicine. Some one doesn’t exercise…they get high blood pressure….”fuck exercising I’ll get a prescription drug that was created.” This person is kept alive for an extra decade to later put additional stress on health care and the drug manufacturer laughs all the way to the bank.  The creation of health food, to me, is very similar. Over time  the overweight have made poor nutritional choices and now look for a brainless quick fix instead of changing their lifestyle and behavior or educating themselves in nutrition. I’m including myself here*

Health foods, by my definition, are any and all foods that are basically labeled to be sold as a healthy snack food or meal; Lean Cuisine, Slim Fast, various “bars”, etc. Trust me, you are surrounded by them. I DO think they are a good start and a superior option to junk food but in my opinion they are a lot closer to junk food then you think, just with less calories, taste, and portion size. Look at  Oreo “100 Calorie Packs”. Take that classic Oreo taste, shrink it, throw it in a bag. Is that health food?…..No. There is one common theme among the most popular health foods. They are processed and packaged; NurtiSystem, Lean Pockets, Healthy Choice, etc. Is a frozen dinner really that healthy? No, don’t look at the back of the box. Take a step back and think to yourself. Think beyond the numbers, the calories, the grams. Look at the disturbing meat in the Shepard’s pie, the mushy corn, the chewy potato, all served in a lovely cardboard tray about the size of an ash tray. And by-the-way the makers of this Shepard’s pie are also laughing all the way to the bank. Coca-Cola became a success first with its original soda and now it’s staying rich serving Diet Coke to those it made fat in the first place.

So what is the answer? Have you ever been in a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s market? They are known as health-food-stores but you will never find any health foods. They provide whole foods, unprocessed foods, organic food. Whole, real, organic food is health food. If Mother Nature puts it on the dinner table it isn’t bad for you. It’s the food that was grown for us to consume in the first place before obesity was ever defined. Making your own meals with whole foods and foods’ ingrediants that you can actually pronounce (and don’t have numbers in them!) is a diet within itself. Expensive……maybe. Time consuming…….yes. But from some one who has made the switch you will feel better and will never struggle with your weight again. I feel as though metabolisms improve, energy improves, immunity improves and digestion improves.

What do you think?


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