Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Today Exercise Expertise, LLC turns 1 year old! On January 5th, 2010 I took the plunge. Putting aside all my fears I jumped into entrepreneurship.

Three years ago I was broke as a joke in college. Paying way to much in Boston rent and only making $75 a week at my internship I would only put a gallon or two of gas into my car so I could just make it to school. I ran out of gas twice in my own driveway and had to call AAA. I figured out how to get free business cards and with a new gmail account I started Flex Appeal! Great name, I know. However the name was taken, along with every other fitness related business name I could think of. I know, I tried them all. Checking domain registries and business registries I landed on Exercise Expertise. With some luck, hard work, serious networking, tremendous clients, at least a dozen books on business, a great web designer and supporting cast here we are 1 year later.

Let’s hope 2011 is as great as 2010. Cheers!

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