Giving thanks

Tomorrow is one of the best holidays for me, Thanksgiving. I just love the food. I love sides and if you love sides the traditional Thanksgiving feast is right up your alley. Turkey is really an after-thought somewhere at the bottom of my plate,  the base camp on ground level of the mountain range of food high above. Oh yeah, we are also suppose to give thanks to everything we are thankful for. The food may become the cornerstone of the holiday but to truly get the most out of our lives we must be grateful for what we have in them. Some may view a grand life as living in a big home and driving a Bugatti but if you weren’t grateful for them you wouldn’t really care if you had them. It is all relative. The person with more, but isn’t grateful for it, leads an emptier life than the person with little who is thankful for it all.

I am thankful for my clients. They give me so much. I am not merely speaking of the monetary exchange for me to train them, but all the things they offer me as great people. A personal trainer is not a personal trainer if he/she does not have clients. Mine, make me the trainer that I am today. I owe my successes to them. They provide a challenge and the practice for me to hone and develop my skills as a trainer and professional. They offer me advice from ways I can be a better trainer to life-in-general. I couldn’t become a better trainer without them. Each one is special to me, everyone I’ve had whether they are still with me or not. Good, bad, or indifferent I soaked up my experience with them like a sponge and I am thankful for them.

To all my clients past, present and future, with all sincerity….thank you. I wouldn’t be who I am without you.

“Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action.”

-W.J. Cameron

Have a healthy Thanksgiving!

-Josh Gould

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  • Leah B

    Thank you too! We’ll miss you!