Get into any gym for free

Yes, this post is not just me rambling but actually has useful tips.

Walk into a public gym and the following happens…

Front desk employee asks if you’re a member and if you would like to join.

Then they refer you to an over caffeinated sales person in the appropriate collared shirt with the shirts logo over the chest. They’re probably wearing khakis…’re probably so impressed you just buy a membership.

Over dressed sales person goes over the different packages they offer and probably tells you which¬†one you should get because they know better than you anyway….right?

“Currently we are having a promotion that ends x/x/xxxx” (Don’t sweat it, they always have a promotion, so when this one ends they’ll have another.)

Tip*- You should never pay an upfront fee. That’s the sales person’s commission. You should always be able to just pay your monthly fee’s which in most cases isn’t negotiable because it’s set by corporate.

Soon I will post on how to pick the best gym for you.

If you just want a single workout at a fitness center or gym you should never pay the one day price (usually $10-$15). You may just be trying different gyms, traveling, or just not able to get to your home gym, but there are many reasons and times you may need a single or weekly gym visit.

When I travel or workout with friends of mine at different locations I have used the following to get into the gym for free.

– Just ask for a free day pass. Many gyms have this, however many force you to sit down with a sales person and try to get you to sign up that day by saying, “I can give you the pass but if you sign up today…so and so deal”It’s bullshit, you’ll get it tomorrow if you want it. But what if they don’t you ask? Just visit the gym at another time and see a different sales person, they don’t know you’ve been before.

If a place is really pushy I will say, “well I won’t decide if this is the gym for me until I get a workout in and see if it flows well” -This is actually true and should be considered when joining a new gym. (this approach works the best) Then just walk out when your done.

I have yet to find a gym that doesn’t have free day or week passes. Haven’t seen them? Go to the gym’s website and you’ll be able to print one. It’s great if you are on vacation and can get a week or 2 week pass. Just give them fake contact information and you’ll never be bothered again.

You can also start the conversation with;

I just moved to the area, do you mind if I get a workout in, I’ve been trying the local gyms out.-They’ll know that if they say no, you’ll just pick another gym.

I’ve heard great things about your facility (kiss ass) and I’m thinking about switching my membership. -This also keeps them from getting you to sign that day because you can tell them you have to cancel your other membership first.

Good luck! Let me know how it goes.


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