Generate excitement and motivation by including “events” in your exercise programming.


Today at our strength and conditioning facility, CrossFit on the Hill, we are having an in-house powerlifting meet! Many of our members and clients (though I think the coaches are more excited about it) have been training with a powerlifting program over the last 6 weeks and today is the day to see how much we have all improved.

Days like this a great for many reasons. I have learned as a trainer that visual or tangible progress is a person’s greatest motivator. When a client or member can see or feel their improvement that will become a catalyst to stick with it like non-other. An external motivator has now (and more importantly) turned into intrinsic motivation.

If you are a trainer it is essential that you have certain tests or assessments that not just you but allows the client to become aware of their improvement. Depending on the person’s goals you may use assessments such as the Functional Movement Screening for those looking to increase mobility/stability, circumference or body fat measurements for those trying to lose fat, races for those improving speed or endurance and various strength tests to see if they’re getting stronger.

Scheduling such “events” also provides the client with a “results goal” while your programming provides “method goals”. Read more about Result Goals and Method Goals here. ¬†With a program of a certain length and with a scheduled “event” you have now also created a time table for the client to focus on. An important component of proper goal setting.

Lastly, holding such “events” builds excitement and when it comes to building excitement about exercise the general public needs all the help they can get.

If you are a coach be sure to include some tests or assessments in your programming. Design a path to get there and build some excitement about your new goals and your “event”. If you’re a solo gym warrior set something up yourself and watch how well it works. Pick a date on the calender, write down a plan, and make it work!

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