Fast Food Survival Tips

Here are my best tips for surviving the Fast Food Drive Thru….

Drink Selection….Know how to make a bad meal worse? Wash it down with even more calories! My first choice is water…want some flavor? Many fast food restaurants have diet lemonade, soda, or unsweetened ice tea selections.

French Fried!… Starches bad!…..Fried food bad!….let’s combine them! The French have done it again dang it. My advice would be to skip the french fries. They are pretty close to the top of my “shit” list.

Burger/sandwich toppings….They should call them “belt toppings” because that’s where your belly will be after eating them. This is where an average sandwich becomes a belt buster. On many burgers and chicken sandwiches the toppings nearly double the starting calorie amount of the sandwich. Hold the cheese, mayo, and bacon please.

Sneaky Chickens…..Everyone bashes the burger but the chicken sandwich is not always the safe bet. Yes, ounce for ounce chicken is leaner than beef but do not fool yourself thinking that a chicken club sandwich with mayo, cheese and bacon is better than a burger. In fact I find that a quarter pound-er at McDonald’s without the cheese is a fairly balanced meal.

Expert Fast Food Pick

Quarter Pound-er w/ no cheese

Side Salad with Low Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette (Newman’s Own)

Medium Unsweetened Ice Tea

Calories 460, Carbs 41g, Protein, 25g, Fat22

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