ExEx Arm Week!

In the up coming weeks I will be highlighting different parts of the body and giving my opinion on what works and what doesn’t along with my favorite exercises for that muscle group.

This week we start with arms. Why arms? A get a lot of requests from clients to help them improve their arm shape, muscle size, and tone. Women are looking for the “Michele Obama arms” and want to avoid the fat that hangs from under the upper arm. Men feel more powerful and confident with arms bulging from their Polo’s.  In fact, in the latest Muscle and Fitness Magazine, women reported that arms gave them the most viewing pleasure when looking at a man.

The good news about arms is that I find them to be very responsive to training and show improvement quickly. Small short muscles like the arm’s bicep and tricep recover quickly and can be trained multiple times per week. They are easy to isolate and there is a great variety of exercises to help them improve. When trained effectively arms will show detail quickly due to the lack of fat that is generally stored on them. The human body does not have much use to store body fat on the arms so muscle growth shows quickly!


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