Exercise Psychology: The 2 Minute Drill

Focus: the center of interest or activity.
I am always preaching to my clients about focus. Focus on fat loss and you lose weight. The hard part is maintaining that focus. If you always focused on fitness and exercise you wouldn’t need my help!!
BUT how do we keep our focus? We must keep fat loss at our “center of interest”. However, we have so many things on our mind.

Enter the 2 Minute Drill.
Right now I garauntee you have something hanging over your head that takes less than 2 minutes to perform that your are avoiding. Calling your grandmother, cancelling plans with a friend, registering for something online, checking the air in your tires, etc. It’s weird that we just won’t do it!! It’s stealing our focus!!
Assignment: Perform the 2MD. Do whatever it is stealing your focus that only takes 2 minutes or less to do. DO IT NOW!!!! Let me know what it is and how much better you feel for doing it. Try it everyday.



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