Exercise Psychology: Is losing fat a DECISION?


You know you WANT to lose fat but have you made the decision to lose fat? The longer I work with people and the more people I work with I realize that fat loss is a decision. People are either willing to do what is necessary to lose fat or they’re not, so they don’t lose fat. Allow me to elaborate. The wall between “wanting” and “doing” is big and because of that it does not really matter how much someone tells me they “want” to lose fat.

This could also be described as the speed bump or large gap between two steps in the Behavioral Stages of Change. The 5 Stages in the Stages of Change Model are; Pre-contemplation, Contemplation, Preparation, Action, and Maintenance. If you have thought about losing fat and even went as far as reading this book you are most likely in the Preparation Stage knocking on the door of Action. However, it may seem as though the space between the last 3 (Preparation, Action and Maintenance) stages gets larger and larger. What makes up that space? Commitment,  the decision to commit to those “actions”.

Display your “wants” with actions. Every time you think about your fat loss “wants”, take action. See a fitness model on TV you admire? Take time to make tomorrow’s lunch. Tried some pants on that were a little tight? Take a moment to schedule your workouts for the week. No task is too small if it helps you reach your goal.

Don’t tell yourself, show yourself.


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