Exercise Psychology: Identify “THE” Mistake

I find that those who aren’t reaching their goals are making only a few mistakes rather than many mistakes.  However, these mistakes are often repeated and habitual. We know that making any real and significant change to the body takes a healthy lifestyle and healthy habit forming. Well, these few deeply rooted mistakes are keeping you from making those positive changes you are looking for. This is why you may be in a position where you feel like you are putting in significant time and energy into your efforts without the results. You are doing many of the right things but have yet to identify the wrong things.

Take a moment now to explore your mistakes. Work on identifying those deep rooted issues in the way. Ask yourself questions like, “when do I make poor eating decisions and why?”……”what excuses always keeps me from working out?”. Take a step backwards for once.

I’ll give you mine. I always run out of food before I go food shopping, always! When I’m out of food I order food and I know it is never as good as the stuff I make. The mistake I repeat that holds me back is that I wait too long to go food shopping. Now I schedule my food shopping and my problem is solved!

What’s yours?


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