Eat Whey to lose fat

If you are STILL one of the people that thinks they will “bulk-up” or get fat from eating protein you may be more likely to gain weight. I’m not sure how the myth got embedded in so many Americans but they need to forget about it. Many times now I have¬†addressed the benefits of including enough protein in your diet. Again, another study comes out to prove that protein suppress appetite (good) and increases thermogenesis (great). The Nestle Research Center in Lausanne, Switzerland studied the effects of 3 types of protein on metabolism. In short they found that whey protein over soy or casein increased thermogenesis and fat burning. All proteins are important in calorie expenditure and a healthy weight-loss diet but, once again, whey is the king! (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 93: 525-534, 2011)

My suggestion: An easy way to consume your whey protein is in the form of a protein shake made with whey powder. You may have thought it was just for the meatheads but it is for anyone looking to retain lean mass and burn fat. I suggest men and women consume 20g-40g first thing in the morning and/or post workout for ideal effectiveness.


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  • John Glynn

    I have to agree with you Josh, build more lean muscle, increase metabolism, burn more fat. Simple formula…..and a scoop of protein can be a great low calorie snack to keep you full in between meals.