Drinking’s place in dieting. . .

It’s hard to find a place for drinking alcohol in a healthy diet. I’m not talking about the  “glass of red wine improves heart health” drinking. I’m talking about the  Patriots tailgating, Beruit playing, back yard BBQ-ing, chicken dancing at a wedding, 4th of July down at the Cape–type of drinking. The times that we aren’t concerned with our heart health, but just “taking the edge off” and having a good time.

In my opinion these social events are going to pop up and who am I to tell someone not to drink. To be honest it isn’t the large number of calories that are consumed when drinking. I’m not talking about the other health risks of alcohol consumption, just in regards to your fat loss diet. It is the side effects of boozing.

In general when we drink we:

-Miss meals

-Make up for the missed meals with poor decision making (ordering pizza or chinese foods, etc)

-Too hung over to get a quality workout the next day at the gym

-Wake up with a serious craving for something greasy–followed by a trip to Denny’s for a Grand Slam.

Now our focus on losing weight has been momentarily derailed. For many it takes to long to get back on the wagon. My advice is to pick your battles. Don’t be so concerned with the calories in each beverage but your food choices later in the night, getting quality sleep, and getting back on track at the gym the next day.


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