Don’t eat breakfast? Try a pre-breakfast

Here is a simple tip  to help keep your metabolism boosted. Many of you have a hard time squeezing in breakfast before you rush out the door and begin your trek to work. Then, for those who know that they need to eat breakfast will head out to Starbucks, Panera, Dunks, etc, right after signing on to your computer.  At this time it may have been a few hours since you first woke. You’re stressed from the commute, in a rush, and hungry…..stupid decision time follows. The stupid decision being made is what to eat. If you haven’t realized by now, there aren’t many wise choices at these grab n’ go breakfast stops.

Try this…. keep some apples, pears, or plums in the house. Enjoy one with some water soon after waking. I like to eat an apple while still in bed watching Sportscenter. These fruits are tasty, convenient and best of all require no preparation. The fruit will help boost healthy blood sugar and keep your hunger at bay until you have arrived at work and ready to make a smart decision for your real breakfast.

An apple-a-day may also keep the fat away.


* Bananas contain snooze inducing melatonin so I’d pick the fiber rich apple.

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