Do you know the necessary information to lose fat and maintain fat loss?

You don’t need to know everything in regards to nutrition and exercise to be in great shape. Arguably those in great shape obtained it by proper habit forming rather than advanced knowledge of nutrition and exercise. BUT I do feel that a certain amount of information should be known before or during your fat loss journey to ensure success. I have compiled a list of questions to ask yourself to take “self inventory” of your knowledge of fat loss procedures. Many of these are also included in Kerry Patterson’s book Change Anything. This “self inventory” practice is also a foundation of my Fat Loss 360 Program (contact for details) and of course my program includes the answers.

Do you know…

What types of exercise burn the most calories?

The style of resistance training best for building muscle?

The different forms of “cardio” and how they effect the body?

Different techniques of “warming up” and stretching that trainers and athletes would use?

Guess the amount of calories in food ?

Understand what foods are “thermogenic”?

Understand carbohydrate complexity?

What each macro-nutrient offers your body (fat, carb, protein)?

Read food labels effectively?

Smart substitutions you can make out to dinner?

How to cook?

Effectively measure fat loss and changes in body composition?

This list is a good start. Not knowing or even worse misunderstanding  the answers to these questions could really derail your fat loss efforts or your ability to create a healthy lifestyle.

If you’d like to learn more and join an 8 Week Online Program built to create that lifestyle contact me at [email protected] for more information and to register.




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