Ditch the machines- Cardio of the Week

Try this 25 minute program to shake things up-

You will need:

  • Jump rope
  • kettlebell (2kg or 4kg)
  • Clock or stopwatch

Follow this simple yet effective circuit-

1. Single arm kettlebell swing

– Perform this for 2 total minutes, switching arms every minute without break

2. Jump rope

– Immediately pick up your jump rope and jump for 1 full  minute

3. Hit the floor and perform a basic plank. If a minute is too long, work up to it.

4. Take a break and drink some water (1 min)

– Only break for 1 minute

Each circuit should take 5 minutes (2 mins KB swings, 1 minute jump rope, 1 minute plank, 1 minute break). Perform the circuit 5 times for a total of 25 minutes.

* Use the lighter kettlebells when performing KB Swings as a form of cardio. We should not be struggling with the weight. Feel free to try this at home if you have a kettlebell and jumping rope can be replaced by jumping jacks.

Give it a shot!


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