Dining Out Tips!

Things to avoid eating while dining out:


The breadbasket

  • Skip the bread before the meal, this can just add carbohydrates and fatty butter to your already high calorie meal. To avoid temptation don’t ask for bread or politely refuse it when it is served. This way as you patiently wait for your delicious meal you’ll avoid picking on the rolls in front of you.



  • Mayo adds hundreds of calories with very little nutritional benefit. A tablespoon added to your favorite sandwich or burger and you’ve just added 100 calories and 10 grams of fat to your meal. Next time try mustards, miracle whip, low fat mayonnaise, or horseradish.


Creamy Salad Dressing

  • Ordering a salad at your local restaurant does not always mean you’ve chosen a healthy low calorie option. The creamy dressings and toppings quickly make over-sized salads a high calorie choice. Two tablespoons of blue cheese salad dressing just added 150 calories and nearly 16 grams of fat, (already more than the recommended amount of fat per meal, 15). Ranch dressing also weighs in at over 15 grams of fat.
  • Also be aware of the salad’s toppings. Salads begin harmless but after being covered with bacon, croutons and cheese the salad becomes as fattening as any other meal on the menu. Look for salads that have grilled chicken, tuna, or mixed vegetables.


High Calories Drinks

  • We know that when we go out to dinner that the meal will have more calories than the meals we make at home. Skipping the high calorie sodas loaded with sugar will cut down your total calorie consumption during the meal. A fountain drink is often twice the serving size that you would find in a can of soda. Enjoy a glass of diet soda or skim milk to cut down the sugar. Ordering ice water, the best choice, cuts down on the calories and the check!


– Calorie amounts and nutritional information come from CalorieKing.com.

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