Dine-In Challenge

Want a not-so-average diet to lose weight and feel better in general? I have a challenge for you!

This diet works like MAGIC and you only have 1 rule. That’s it 1 rule:

Don’t eat out. Everything must be made from home. No going out to lunch, dinner, or vending machines. No snacking like going out to ice cream or getting popcorn  at the movies.

Get your resolution to lose weight off the ground. Take my Dine-In Challenge.

From now until February 1st, 2011 you can only use 2 strikes (meals out) because you probably have a dinner event, birthday, etc at some point. Three strikes and you’re out!

Join the Dine-In Challenge:

1. By the end of the week sign-up by sending me your name and starting weight. [email protected]

2. Each week I will be checking in on you and offering diet tips and tricks to keep you going. Also to see if you struck out!

3. Guarantee:If you can go the month without eating out I guarantee you will lose weight. If you don’t I’ll give you a month of Nutrition Consulting FREE ($99).

4. Whoever loses the most weight wins 1 of my new t-shirts. That simple.

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