Dieting on the Weekends

I want to put dieting on the weekends into a different perspective. This is how the weekend ruins your dieting efforts;

If we workout 5 times a week and burn about 300 calories per workout (about
average) we have burned an extra 1,500 calories for the week. Keep in
mind it takes a differential of 3,500 calories to burn 1 pound of body

Let’s say on a typical Friday or Saturday you want to go out and drink and
have a good time. Typically for me that would include anywhere from 5- 15
drinks. So let’s say we have 8 drinks. Those drinks are light beer at
around 125 calories a glass. 8 x 125= 1,000 calories. So that leaves you
500  extra calories burned IF you don’t get the munchies when
you’re out or get home and eat shit food. If you do, you can throw all those workouts out the window.

 At this pace of burning 500 excess calories a week it would take you 7 weeks to lose 1 lb of body fat.
(7 x 500 = 3,500 calories)

It hurts to hear but this is the reality.  I know from personal experience and working with others. I think this also shows the value of nutrition when it comes to fat loss.


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