Dear cardio junkie

Ah yes, my friend the cardio junkie. For some reason when I go to one of my gyms (I currently have 3 memberships and can wiggle my way into just about any gym, more on how to do that later) to do my morning cardio it is the same time as a middle aged cardio junkie. We both like to use the Stepmills (rolling stairs). There are only 2 right next to each other. I’ve noticed that she takes a very long time to set up her….station? She climbs up to the top of the Stepmill and starts to set up….drink in the drink holder……..paper out…..glasses…..sweat towel folded and placed on the front of the machine….tv on…set to news…..head band on……readyyyy…nope, off to the bathroom.

I’ve picked up on this ritual so last week I wanted to time her from the minute she got on the machine until she pressed start. I kept an eye on my machine’s timer as I churned out step after step……12 minutes….it took her 12 minutes to get ready????

No wonder people don’t have time to workout. I was almost half way done my session in just the time in took for her to set up her “station”.

Unless you plan to sign a lease on the machine get your ass on their and sweat.


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