Current Supplement Stack

These are the current supplements that I take to round out my diet;

1,000 mg of Vitamin C 2-3 times a day

Fish Oil 2x a day

Multi-vitamin (Animal Pak) Everyday with breakfast

Amino Acids- BCAA & EAA– Every morning I perform cardio and after weight training sessions.

EvoPoietin One Alpha– Creatine and Arginine used to enhance weight training workouts

Fiber-Very important to take considering the amount of food I eat. 2-3x daily with meals

* I do not use any type of androgenic-anabolic steroid. I also do not use any type of diet pill or fat loss supplement.

Are you wondering if you should take supplements? Send me an email and I can help you decide what you should be taking. What I take is not necessarily best for you.



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