Credibility/ Entertainment

If you follow my blog you have noticed that sometimes I am less than serious. I’ll put horrific lifting accidents, display how disgusting American’s eating habits are, and trash Jillian Michaels (you know, the dude from  The Biggest Loser). My grammar is rather poor and I have a master’s degree in sarcasm. 

Compared to other health and fitness sites mine might come off as a little…..goofy. I try to balance the entertainment with the  awesome fitness and diet information that will actually make a difference. If you have a hard time reading between the lines and think my blog is more like a comic strip than so-be-it. I do have an actual degree in Health Education and this style works for me. We need to lighten up the mood when it comes to health sometimes. We should at least make it more interesting. Want nothing but facts and raw science? Read medical journals, studies, and literature reviews. But guess what, I do that for you. Like a momma bird I eat the information, chew on it, and regurgitate it  right into your brains.

Let me post some stuff with humor, whether it applies to fitness or not. I don’t think it should effect my credibility. I’m just trying to lighten the mood and grab your attention.

When I was once consulting with a High School health teacher I told her that to educate someone you must have their attention first, otherwise that information, no matter how great it is means nothing. Education doesn’t always mean providing the best information for the audience but getting the information TO the audience.

So cheer up and maybe you’ll learn something.


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