Couples lose weight together

Men’s Health–  Drop Pounds-With Her Help

Dieting loves company: Couples who diet together are more likely to succeed. In a recent Israeli Study, researchers taught couples about healthy eating but assigned only the men to various kinds of eating plans. After 6 months, the women had also shed weight. Study author Rachel Golan, R.D., M.P.H., says weight-loss support is mutual: “Sharing dishes and eating together helps the dieter stick to a diet- there won’t be temptations on their plates.”

Your spouse or partner plays a very important role in dieting. One concern many of my nutrition consulting clients have  is how to diet when the other person does the food shopping. That is a very legitimate concern. So often I need to assign foods that my client will have to pass on to the household’s shopper or cook for that matter. This is some advice I give. Sit down with your partner and tell them how important a healthier diet is. If you show that you are driven and focused and relay how important it is for you they will understand. You are also holding them accountable. When it comes to health I don’t think anyone will ignore your concerns and efforts.




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