Continuing Education: The more I learn the less I realize I know.

Luckily, to preserve fitness related certifications we must collect Continuing Education Units (CEU’s or CEC’s). This is very import. Health and fitness changes at the speed of light (and at the same time much of it has been exactly the same since the beginning). It is important to stay abreast (giggle) of the latest and greatest information so that we can provide a better service to our clients.

Unfortunately, for too many health professionals it is ONLY about collecting CEU’s and not actually about the information they are obtaining. A coach or trainer should attend seminars, conferences, workshops, etc because they want to learn. They want that information. They want to get getter, be smarter, offer more. Learn because you have found the power in this information. Deadlifting more weight than other trainers doesn’t make you better at personal training than them, advanced knowledge and application of that information makes you a better personal trainer than them.

If you don’t enjoy getter better at what you do, do yourself a favor and quit. Life is long. Find something you’d enjoy doing. When I was the Regional Intern Director at a large Corporate Fitness company I was able to travel to schools in New England and speak with students. In every class room I was in I could see the students who “had it” and the one’s that didn’t. After my presentation on interning I would offer them the best advice I could. I told them to not go through college in the hopes of landing a “job” with a salary. Instead, figure out what you want to do during your life. What are you passionate about? What makes you WANT to work hard? Then create that job or find one similar. Think “career” not “job”. Do not worry about money. If you picked the right thing for you and you are filled with passion and motivation the money will come. Find something that will push you to become better.

Do you pour your time into becoming better at being a fitness professional? Your clients would hope so. Are you attending CE workshops, conferences, seminars to become better? I hope I can encourage you. We owe it to ourselves, our teams, and our clients to do so.

Here is a list of my Top 5 reasons to attending CE Conferences:

5. Competition. Go because you want to be better than those who aren’t going!!!

4. Make more money. Use the education to become specialized in something, than market it! Specialization = $$$

3. Networking. Shake hands, kiss babies or even kiss ass if you want. Meet the presenters and become a familiar face. This is the fastest way to replace their spot one day.

2. Get smart. Go simply for the education. Ignite the fire. Turn the light bulb on. Coaching is much more enjoyable when you actually know what you’re doing.

1. The #1 reason I have continued to attend these types of events is the way I felt when I went to my first….. incredibly humbled. I sat in the audience and thought to myself, “how did this person acquire so much knowledge”. I couldn’t imagine being that smart. I realized that the more I learned the less I realized I knew. Two years after my first event I have been lucky enough to present locally, regionally, and nationally and I STILL view other more experienced professionals in awe. My #1 reason for still going is to be humbled.



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