Children’s Diet Book?

Saw this over on today. What do you think?……. Good?……. Bad?……. Shocking?

A few things: This should make us realize that childhood obesity is a problem and now art has imitated life. Everyone will have a different opinion if this is appropriate or not. My question is where is the book on the parents letting their kids eat crap? It’s all the kids fault because she couldn’t stop eating “breads and cheeses”? Kids shouldn’t have to “diet”, ever. Kids have the metabolism of a humming bird. Parent’s are either surrounding them with bad choices or afraid to kick their ass off the couch.

Is the book meant to bring awareness to children? Isn’t the book itself hypocritical? It discusses body image while bringing awareness to the child’s body image?  OR Does the child find comfort and relate to the content? After all that is the reason we read and watch movies. We enjoy relating to characters of the stories.

What do you think?


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  • Dave