Why You’re a Great Personal Trainer but Can’t Get Clients.

It’s been 13 years since swiping key tags in Bristol, Rhode Island at Roger William University’s brand new athletic center. Between my sister who went to Providence College and myself at RWU at the same time, we had to fight for the largest financial aid packages we could get. That included “Work Study” hours. Even […]


Snow Day Gainz!

  If you’re like me you’re stuck at home due to the snow storm in Boston, which can be great if you want some time off of work but stinks when you about them gainzzz. There are a gazillion (I counted) posts for bodyweight and “at-home” workouts for the general population on the interwebs. That’s […]


A “Whole” lot of Protein

  The importance of protein in one’s diet has become increasingly clear and moderate to high protein diets have become increasingly popular, as they should. But, in this post I’m not going to delve into the nutritional science of protein and its effects on you diet, body and health. I’d rather assist readers in their […]


6 Weeks to your 1st Pull-up (Beginner Program)

-Pull-ups, as you know, may be a bugaboo (I’m not totally sure what that means but it sounds right) for  you and many others. It is an exercise that is difficult to scale which makes it difficult to progress.  It is also heavily dependent on your strength-to-bodyweight ratio. But it should not be avoided and […]

1st Annual NH Hiking Trip

  This weekend was our 1st Annual Fitness Community Hike joining my Exercise Expertise platoon and the CrossFit on the Hill athletes. Early Saturday morning under heavy overcast and heavier eyelids we drove up to the New Hampshire Lakes Region. I was fortunate to borrow my family’s time share in Gilford, NH which is on […]

Rethinking Cardio and Resting Metabolism [VIDEO]

In this video I discuss my thoughts on the current perception on cardio and fat loss and the benefits of weight training to improve our overall calorie expenditure. Key Notes: Resting Metabolism is responsible for 60%-75% of our daily calorie expenditure. (Amer. J. of Clinical Nutrition, 2006) Resting muscle burns 5-6 calories per pound per […]