Why You’re a Great Personal Trainer but Can’t Get Clients.

It’s been 13 years since swiping key tags in Bristol, Rhode Island at Roger William University’s brand new athletic center. Between my sister who went to Providence College and myself at RWU at the same time, we had to fight for the largest financial aid packages we could get. That included “Work Study” hours. Even […]

Nailed it, bro!

3 Personal Trainer Mistakes You Make that Come with Success (Part 1)

    Success can be defined and measured in many ways. In this post I’m defining “success” for a personal trainer  generally as becoming busier, booking more sessions, developing skills and a higher knowledge of movement and the body. View it from how you would the first day you became a PT; more clients, more […]

Tips for Trainers: Update your Business Card info

Business cards are a useful tool to for sharing your personal or business information. Will they eventually be replaced by electronic business cards by “bumping” our smart phones? Probably. But, until everyone has that technology good ole’ paper business cards are the way to go. There is a way to bridge-the-gap between information on our traditional […]

Tips for Trainers

To get ready for IHRSA 2012 in Los Angeles on March 14th-17th  I have started a new thread: Tips for Trainers to supplement my Educational Session: Transitioning from Personal Trainer to Successful Business Entrepreneur. I will be along side two other great trainers and business founders as a panelist and the discussion will be moderated by none […]