Corrective Exercise Tip: Alternate your Deadlift Grip

  We know a “switch” grip creates a much better grip on the bar, thus allowing us to pull mucho macho weight. With one arm internally or externally rotated it can place a lot of stress on the shoulder. Be sure you have enough internal/external mobilty in the shoulder and be sure to alternate your […]


Strength training with aerobic activity during pregnancy reduces C-section delivery

The benefits of strength training and aerobic activity have been well documented. In one very interesting study involving the use of both (strength and aerobic training) and pregnant mothers found a decrease in cesarean sections required during pregnancy. The combination of strength training and aerobic activity seems to be the key. We have yet to find […]


Tip of the day. . .

When weight training, your muscles have three basic phases of strength. During a lift there is a concentric (shortening of the muscle), eccentric (lengthening of the muscle), and also a muscle has the ability to pause or hold the lift. Mechanically your muscle is stronger during the eccentric phase and weaker during the concentric phase. […]

Tip of the day…

Marketing is great……for the seller. But, it has no place in exercise science or nutrition. Unfortunately, Americans seem to educate themselves on the topic from influential marketing; infomercials, product packaging, and print advertising.  They scare women into thinking they will “bulk-up” by weight training, “tone-up” by using light weight and high repetitions,  and men will […]

Method-Goals vs. Result-Goals

We know goals are important and the whole purpose to change is to reach a goal, whether you set one or not. We know declaring a goal is more effective. WRITING the goal down is even more effective. Writing a goal down in clear view is a constant reminder holding you accountable. Often our goals […]

Don’t eat breakfast? Try a pre-breakfast

Here is a simple tip  to help keep your metabolism boosted. Many of you have a hard time squeezing in breakfast before you rush out the door and begin your trek to work. Then, for those who know that they need to eat breakfast will head out to Starbucks, Panera, Dunks, etc, right after signing […]

Protein before or after exercise?

Should we consume protein before or after exercise? The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says it might depend on our age. By now you may know the importance of consuming protein and amino acids (the building blocks of muscle) in the time surrounding your training. The nutrient timing is very important in raising the effectiveness […]

Obesity is contagious

Your friends are making you fat. MIT and Harvard researchers found that people with fat friends increased their own risk of obesity by 50 percent.  It doesn’t stop their either. The more fat friends you have the higher the possibility of becoming obese (0.5 % per year for every obese friend). Now before we get […]

Why your Resolution will fail…

Why your Resolution will fail… Because it’s not a resolution it’s a “want”.  When I ask people what their resolution for the New Year is I typically hear “I WANT to lose 10lbs” or something along those lines. That is not a reSOLUTION, that is a want. A resolution resolves a problem. “I want to […]

Tip of the day…

Get uncomfortable. The next time you workout make sure you get uncomfortable. Let me explain. Most of us head to the gym in hopes to “change” our body; lose weight, gain muscle, become toned, improve our strength, increase endurance, etc. All too often people go to the gym to nearly kill time. I don’t mean that […]