Stupid Exercise Invention of the Week: Bite Counter

 “What is that sleek looking bracelet you have?” “Oh, it just counts how much food I shovel into my face.” USA Today- The Bite Counter, a wristwatch-shaped device being marketed to weight-loss clinics and fitness professionals, uses technology developed by a ClemsonUniversity team for the military to track body movements in clearing buildings of insurgents […]

Stupid Exercise Invention of the Week!…..The Mirdle & Manx

I have a question for the women readers. Which is worse…..the gut itself OR the fact that the guy is wearing Spanx? There is no winner here. Even if you trick a woman with your new sleek look, the date goes well and it’s “grown-up” time (if you know what I mean), things are not […]

Kim Kardashian is lying out of her ass….literally

If you watched the Super Bowl and that poor excuse for a half time show you saw the steamy Kim Kardashian Skecher’s “Shape-Ups” commercial.  In the commercial Kardashian claims that she got her gigantic, anti-gravity tush from wearing Shape-Ups. Unfortunately, God is the only one with the power to build a booty of that scale. […]

Stupid Exercise Invention of the Week: Perfect Pull-Up/Push-Up

Incase  you didn’t feel like push-ups were adequate you may have gone the length of spending money on perhaps the best exercise that doesn’t require any sort of equipment in the first place. But does the Perfect Push-Up make it more effective than normal push-ups? Not according to researchers from the Mayo Clinic who tested […]

Stupid Exercise Invention of the Week: 3 Minute Legs

One of my readers sent me an email yesterday telling me that she was  disappointed I hadn’t posted a Stupid Exercise Invention of the Week in a while. She said it was her favorite part of the blog. Then she did the work for me and sent me 3 Minute Legs. I wish I could take […]

Stupid Exercise Invention of the Week: Steelcase Walkstation

I think this is my new favorite. Obviously it’s not as ridiculous as say the iGallop or the Hawaii Chair but this is funny because of the seriousness in which this woman takes this invention. Time magazine, are you serious? Time magazine???? What company would let this slide? I would love to be a fly […]

Stupid Exercise Invention of the Week!: Aqua Abs

This is basically what is called a Roman Chair/Captain’s Chair made out of a PVC pipe patio chair, so the inventor gets an A+ for making something out of home goods and trying to sell it. At first you might have even thought, “hey, that’s not too bad. It looks like it’s relaxing” and then you realized […]

Stupid Exercise Invention of the Week!: The Red Exerciser

OK, so this isn’t as funny because I had to go old school and I have a pretty good hunch the Red Exerciser has been pulled off the shelves. Maybe it’s still living in your spare bedroom as a really awkward clothes rack, like many of these at-home-workout-out-machines end up being. What IS funny is […]