Training Specificity

Intensity Principle- Training Specificity Training Specificity, in simple terms, is training tailored for a specific goal in mind. Training should be geared and tailored to the goal you are attempting to reach. Swimmers should swim, runners should run, etc. It is important to style your training specifically for an outcome by educating yourself on methods […]

Progressive Overload

Progressive Overload Principle- This is best defined as increasing any parameter of resistance training over time in an attempt to make your body work harder than it is use to. Parameters may include; Number of repetitions Weight/resistance Number of sets Less break between exercises Tempo Intensity,etc For the body to change it must be forced […]

Rest/Pause Intervals

To continue our Intensity Principle Series we will look at Rest/Pause Intervals. Rest/Pause Intervals are performed by resting/pausing mid-set with the intentions to extend the set by performing more reps which could not have been performed otherwise. This can be utilized when the movement can no longer be done with the intention to exhaust the […]

Drop Sets

Drop Sets- On any given exercise a drop set can be performed. The idea is to peform your movement until you can no longer move the weight, then lighten the resistance just enough so you can perform more reps until you have reached failure again. Ex. Perform curls with 20lb(choose your own weight) dumbbells until […]

Intensity Principles

Over the next couple weeks I will be reviewing ways to make your typical weight training routine more effective with the practice of “Intensity Principles”. Originally developed by Joe Weider, these principles are techniques to make exercises more intense to breakdown muscle which in turn becomes stronger and burns more calories. -Josh