This Week’s Challenge: Timed Plank/ Jumping- Jacks Combo

    This week I’ve hit my client’s with a Plank Challenge towards the end of their workouts. The Challenge is very simple but not very easy. Here is a quick breakdown. Grab a timer and put 3 minutes (beginner), 5 minutes (fit), 7 minutes (athlete),  OR 10 minutes (stud!) on a stop watch. Start […]


Cardio of the Week: 25/35 Rower Intervals

The 25/35 Rower Challenge will put a new twist on intervals. After a proper warm-up and familiarizing yourself with the Rower prepare to perform 12 “working” and “resting” intervals. On the Rower’s small screen you will need to identify the timer and your speed listed as “strokes per minute” or the number followed by “s/m”. […]

Light meal before exercise superior for fat loss

  It was once believed, even by myself, that fat loss would occur more so an empty stomach (fasted state) when exercising. Those who knew this technique would practice it by performing a cardio fat burning style workout first thing in the morning while glycogen stores were depleted via fasting through the night (not eating). […]

Awesome Exercise Invention of the Week: Tabata Pro IPhone app

Good thing for my clients. They seem to always be the ones showing me these cool new tech apps. After it was featured in Men’s Health Magazine a long time client Sean expressed his love for this Tabata app. Tabata allows you to set up your own intervals (we all know how much I advocate […]

Cardio of the Week: Speed

This week lets attack the treadmill and work on speed. If you follow my high intensity interval training programs you know I recommend a 2:1 ratio (2 minutes high/ 1 minute rest) which has proved to be the most effective to burn fat and calories. But… This week lets build our speed and keep the body […]

Ditch the machines- Cardio of the Week

Try this 25 minute program to shake things up- You will need: Jump rope kettlebell (2kg or 4kg) Clock or stopwatch Follow this simple yet effective circuit- 1. Single arm kettlebell swing – Perform this for 2 total minutes, switching arms every minute without break 2. Jump rope – Immediately pick up your jump rope and jump […]


What you need to understand about cardio

Writing this post and allowing you to change your perception of “cardio” is very important to me. I want to change your perception by clearing up the definitions of terms that are over-used and misinterpreted in the fitness industry. I will also explain how their misunderstanding is keeping you back from reaching your goals. Society’s developed definition […]


You only need to add 30 seconds of cardio

To burn more calories throughout your workout you only need to add 30 seconds of cardio. One simple technique I have always used with clients looking to lean up is adding 30 seconds of cardio immediately after their strength training exercise or circuit.  Doing so will keep the heart rate elevated thus burning more calories […]

Cardio of the week…

Gonna get you moving this week with a 3 mile challenge! Here are the rules/procedure: First mile: running Second mile: Hill intervals (at your own pace perform intervals of 2 minutes at incline level 10 with rest periods of 1 minute down at level 0, alternating the two) Third mile: Back to running You determine […]

Cardio of the week!

Jump on a treadmill and try this interval routine to effectively burn fat. Select your speed: beginner (3.0 mph), moderate (3.5 mph), advanced (4.0 mph) The first portion will be a very typical incline interval routine: 3 mins warming up at your speed Raise the incline on the treadmill to level 10 for 2 minutes […]