Light meal before exercise superior for fat loss

  It was once believed, even by myself, that fat loss would occur more so an empty stomach (fasted state) when exercising. Those who knew this technique would practice it by performing a cardio fat burning style workout first thing in the morning while glycogen stores were depleted via fasting through the night (not eating). […]

Don’t eat breakfast? Try a pre-breakfast

Here is a simple tip  to help keep your metabolism boosted. Many of you have a hard time squeezing in breakfast before you rush out the door and begin your trek to work. Then, for those who know that they need to eat breakfast will head out to Starbucks, Panera, Dunks, etc, right after signing […]


3 signs to tell if your metabolism is slow

There are a few ways to tell if you’re metabolism is humming along at a blistering pace or crawling like a toddler. These signs can be caused by other conditions but in general these signs are consistent with those with slow metabolisms. 1. Cool body temperature, especially in the morning. Calories are burned by thermogenics of […]


3 Steps to boost your metabolism

Since we burn the majority of our calories when we do nothing due to our basal resting metabolism, it would be smart to make it as efficient as possible. That’s correct, we burn the majority of our calories (60-75%) while we rest! Here are the 3 most important steps to boost your resting metabolism: 1.Eat […]

Protein before or after exercise?

Should we consume protein before or after exercise? The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says it might depend on our age. By now you may know the importance of consuming protein and amino acids (the building blocks of muscle) in the time surrounding your training. The nutrient timing is very important in raising the effectiveness […]

Wake-up your breakfast

If you follow ExEx you already know my stance on breakfast and my if-you-don’t-eat-it-forget-about-losing-weight attitude. Now that you’re all eating early here are some quick meals to add some variety from our friends over at Men’s Health. Instant Breakfast : 7 Quick and Easy meals Try one of my favorites: 2 slices of Ezekial Bread topped […]

Are 3 meals a day actually BETTER for gaining muscle?

It’s way too long for a blog and the vocab might be a bit advanced for the casual reader but I enjoy all of Lane Norton’s work. He refuses to believe the general assumptions that we all make about nutrition and training in the field.  This article is worth a read. Don’t understand something? Just […]

When should I eat before a workout?

This is a question everyone should consider. It often depends on the person but generally you do not want food in your stomach when training. For some stomachs that is 2.5 hours before working out and 1 hour for others. The stomach should be empty for a variety of reasons. The first is simply comfort. […]