A “Whole” lot of Protein

  The importance of protein in one’s diet has become increasingly clear and moderate to high protein diets have become increasingly popular, as they should. But, in this post I’m not going to delve into the nutritional science of protein and its effects on you diet, body and health. I’d rather assist readers in their […]


How to Change Your Poor Eating Environment in 3 Steps

It is said that we are a product of our environment. As levels of obesity rise in this country many fingers are pointed at our Built Environment. We are surrounded by unhealthy food options everywhere. Combine those options with our busy American work or study lifestyles and it is no wonder that despite being unhealthy […]

Mexican Food

Restaurant Survival- Mexican

Dining out is a part of life. . . so is dieting.     How the hell do we do both? We just need to know the right things to choose on the menu and more importantly the right substitutions to make. Today’s Restaurant Survival–Mexican! American-Mexican food is basically 5 or 6 combinations of the same ingredients. However, […]

ExerciseExpertiseTV- Launching Soon

ExerciseExpertiseTV will be ready to launch soon!     Ah youtube, the final frontier!    Here is a teaser of a cooking video coming soon along with workout and lifestyle vids. Check it out and Subscribe! ExerciseExerpertiseTV -Josh

Wake-up your breakfast

If you follow ExEx you already know my stance on breakfast and my if-you-don’t-eat-it-forget-about-losing-weight attitude. Now that you’re all eating early here are some quick meals to add some variety from our friends over at Men’s Health. Instant Breakfast : 7 Quick and Easy meals Try one of my favorites: 2 slices of Ezekial Bread topped […]

You can eat hash browns for breakfast?

Sure you can eat hash browns for breakfast. I do almost everyday! This is a little secret of mine. Generally our two choices for breakfast carbs are toast or cereal/oatmeal. With my eggs I make hash browns. Hash Browns are victimized as being an unhealthy food. It’s reputation is created due to it’s unhealthy preparation. […]

Muscle Meals! Snack time!

Muscle Meals! Snack time. This is a healthy snack I’ve been making for years. It’s quick, easy and tastes pretty damn good. We just need 3 things: Low Fat cottage cheese Natural Apple Butter Ezekial bread/ english muffin 1. Toast some Ezekial bread (flowerless bread) or an english muffin. English muffins have less carbohydrates than […]