Want to Lose Fat? Here is Your First Step!

I find that failed fat loss attempts may not be from a lack of effort but a lack of direction. Fed up with the way we look and feel, we are quick to start piling on activities that we think we need (i.e. extra cardio, purchasing workout equipment or some extreme diet). The root of the […]

Rethinking Cardio and Resting Metabolism [VIDEO]

In this video I discuss my thoughts on the current perception on cardio and fat loss and the benefits of weight training to improve our overall calorie expenditure. Key Notes: Resting Metabolism is responsible for 60%-75% of our daily calorie expenditure. (Amer. J. of Clinical Nutrition, 2006) Resting muscle burns 5-6 calories per pound per […]

Meals – Thinking Outside the Box

In this video I’m just encouraging everyone to think outside the box when planning or eating meals. Some video points: – Your body doesn’t care what your food looks like. – From a dieting or nutritional stand point your body doesn’t care how it acquires it’s macro-nutrients, vitamins and minerals. – Eating meals out of […]


3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Eating.

Many of us have the goal of eating healthier but sometimes we get off track and it would help if we had a system  keeping us from getting REALLY off track. We need a way to police ourselves. Here are three questions to ask before eating that might help make us more accountable and adhere […]


How to Change Your Poor Eating Environment in 3 Steps

It is said that we are a product of our environment. As levels of obesity rise in this country many fingers are pointed at our Built Environment. We are surrounded by unhealthy food options everywhere. Combine those options with our busy American work or study lifestyles and it is no wonder that despite being unhealthy […]

360 Fat Loss Program: How it works…

The 360 Fat Loss Program is a holistic health approach to fat loss that can be done remotely via phone, skype or email. This program took two years to create and has been in use for one full year now with excellent results. There were two main reasons why I created the 360 Fat Loss […]


5 Reasons why New Year’s Resolutions are Stupid

Ok, ok  “stupid” is a bit harsh, but it got you to click through and before you get all upset, yes, I think resolutions are awesome. The issue is “New Year’s” resolutions. First off, take a look back at your personal track record. How successful have your resolutions been? Do you even remember your resolution from […]


5 Completely Obscure Ways to Avoid Over-Eating

First I’d like to say that I am not one for weight loss gimmicks or “tricks”. I promote getting it done the old fashion way; focus, knowledge, and a little hard work. But, when it comes time to re-training yourself to eat differently certain cues or techniques during crucial moments may help greatly. These 5 obscure tips […]