How to Do “Landmine” Exercises

A “Landmine” exercise┬áis describing the use of a certain set-up involving a barbell that is anchored on one end while the other end is used as the load for the exercise. Beyond just adding variety to a training program it’s an easy way to add or reduce weight by simply using weight plates on the […]

Rethinking Cardio and Resting Metabolism [VIDEO]

In this video I discuss my thoughts on the current perception on cardio and fat loss and the benefits of weight training to improve our overall calorie expenditure. Key Notes: Resting Metabolism is responsible for 60%-75% of our daily calorie expenditure. (Amer. J. of Clinical Nutrition, 2006) Resting muscle burns 5-6 calories per pound per […]

Single Leg Stability Using Unbalanced Load

I personally think that training stability with an unbalanced load is more functional than training with an unbalanced surface. Both have their places but often times we are standing or walking holding an object void of comfortable handles (i.e. boxes at work, groceries, a child, etc). This has become a go-to for me when working […]

This Week’s Plank Challenge: Plank w/ Row

Attach a resistance band to a fixed object out infront of your basic plank position. The arm is extended holding a tight band in the starting position. Pull the band underneath you in a “chin-up” like fashion. Be sure to keep your shoulders and hips parallel to the ground while maintaining stability throughout. -Josh

This Week’s Plank Challenge: Plank-to-Push-up

Starting in a basic plank position use your upperbody strength to extend your arms so your body is up on the hands in a push-up/ extended plank position. While maintaining stabilty throughout the core and hips, lower yourself back down to the elbows. Continue reps until you can no longer maintain form. Really cool socks […]

Corrective Exercise Tip: Alternate your Deadlift Grip

  We know a “switch” grip creates a much better grip on the bar, thus allowing us to pull mucho macho weight. With one arm internally or externally rotated it can place a lot of stress on the shoulder. Be sure you have enough internal/external mobilty in the shoulder and be sure to alternate your […]

This Week’s Plank Challenge: PLANKENSTEIN

In this week’s Plank Challenge I introduce PLANKENSTEIN!!! This has become a favorite exercise of mine over the years, I think mostly because of the cool name I came up with. This is surely a progression for the basic plank. If you can not perform the basic plank with ideal form for 60 seconds, work […]

tricep stretch

Why do I get tight?

This is a very general video I shot discussing different reasons we get “tight” and why assessing our tightness will better help us alleviate it. More videos to come breaking down different muscle groups on how to assess them and make them more mobile. “Move well before you move a lot”