Want to Lose Fat? Here is Your First Step!

I find that failed fat loss attempts may not be from a lack of effort but a lack of direction. Fed up with the way we look and feel, we are quick to start piling on activities that we think we need (i.e. extra cardio, purchasing workout equipment or some extreme diet). The root of the […]


Paradigm Shift: Is exercise refuge for you?

Very often I talk about paradigm and perception on this site or with my clients. It is often the main topic of my presentations when I speak at conferences. To me, it is a deciding factor of whether a healthy lifestyle will truly be adopted or not. Over the last couple weeks one topic related […]


Fat Loss and other Bad Habits: Friends vs. Accomplices

According to the scientists and authors of Change Anything: The New Science of Personal Change, our social surroundings weigh heavy on our habit forming ability. One important tactic they use in their habit changing (or forming) is knowing who’s a Friend and who’s an Accomplice. These two types of people shape your bad habit fighting […]

Exercise Psychology: Is losing fat a DECISION?

  You know you WANT to lose fat but have you made the decision to lose fat? The longer I work with people and the more people I work with I realize that fat loss is a decision. People are either willing to do what is necessary to lose fat or they’re not, so they […]


Exercise Psychology: The 2 Minute Drill

Focus: the center of interest or activity. I am always preaching to my clients about focus. Focus on fat loss and you lose weight. The hard part is maintaining that focus. If you always focused on fitness and exercise you wouldn’t need my help!! BUT how do we keep our focus? We must keep fat loss […]

Simplify First

Here in America we are “go-getters”. We kick-ass then take names. We work hard for the money, so hard for the money. Maybe it is the way we are raised but we are always being pushed to DO MORE. To be successful we must DO MORE than everyone else. To some degree that works……


The 5 Mistakes that ruin your Resolution

Millions of Americans will once again take a swing at achieving their resolution. Millions of Americans will fail. Just take a look at your resolution from last year. These are the top 5 mistakes that will keep this year from being “the year…”.