Confessions of a Personal Trainer: Dream Come True?

As many people in my circles know by now I am leaving Boston and opening my own Strength and Conditioning facility on the Seacoast in New Hampshire. When I originally announced it to co-workers, clients, athletes, friends, and family the response was extremely positive and sincere. People were very happy for me. Many people would respond […]


      I enjoy talking about those outstanding benefits of exercise, which can never be measured by equipment inside a laboratory and the results can never be formulated.   One of my favorites is the physical “therapy” exercise and movement offers. Exercise gives us a chance to express the emotions and feelings we may […]

The More I Learn the Less I Know

The more I learn the less I know, or at least it feels like it. When working with something as complicated, infinite, challenging and miraculous as the human body some days you feel defeated. I will give myself credit for  pouring a good amount of time (and money) into continuing education exploring the human body […]


Life is a Countdown

Life is a countdown. We are born on day 1 and we will expire “X” amount of days after. That sounds a bit morbid but it was a crucial paradigm and continues to be for me to get and stay in shape. Much like quitting smoking those trying to lose weight go up and down […]

Outside the Gym: Poor Role Model vs. Health Nut

While away on a community hiking trip I was in an always peculiar situation that coaches and trainers run into here and there…being a role model outside of the gym! These are times when you are surrounded by clients or even other trainers.Your decisions regarding what your order off a menu to hygiene are inspected, […]

Poor Perception, Poor Diet…

It’s great to see people putting effort in to their nutrition. What I see too often is people looking for foods that are NOT BAD for them instead of foods that are GOOD for them. There is a big difference. Most “diet” food is a lesser calorie version of a less nutritious food to begin […]

Loving Your Body is Not Just for Narcisists

I find that at the root of many people’s unhappiness and depression is that fact that they do not love or even like their body. I think it has an affect on the other components of your everyday life including mood, confidence, happiness and how you treat other people. The way someone communicates may stem from their […]

A radical approach to a healthcare intervention (sarcasm)

Today, as you are reminded to the point of annoyance, is Election Day! Our chance as an American to have our voice heard and count. Trekking to NH to place my vote I reviewed the issues in my car. A highly debated topic, as it should be, is our healthcare system and what to do […]

Continuing Education: The more I learn the less I realize I know.

Luckily, to preserve fitness related certifications we must collect Continuing Education Units (CEU’s or CEC’s). This is very import. Health and fitness changes at the speed of light (and at the same time much of it has been exactly the same since the beginning). It is important to stay abreast (giggle) of the latest and greatest […]

So you don’t think you have what it takes?

A common attitude many overweight and unfit individuals have is that they think they don’t have what it takes to become better. Whether they define “better” as skinnier, healthier, more athletic, stronger, or more muscular, they have a perception of which they can not see themselves with those results. In fact I have clients that actually […]