How do I get rid of under arm fat?

You probably already know that we can not spot reduce. Spot reducing would be to eliminate fat in chosen areas like the stomach or where ever else you would want it to disappear. If it was possible I’d be a rich man but it’s not. However, we can spot “tone”….kind of.              We can at least […]

Tricep Bench Dips

Begin with your palms firmly pressed on a bench and your feet placed on another bench or something of similar height. Keeping your back close to the bench to reduce stress on the shoulders, lower your body by allowing the elbow to bend. Drop until your upper arm is parallel to the floor and your […]

Win with 21!

One great way to stimulate growth in your biceps is performing “21’s”. 21’s-  The number stands for the total amount of repetitions performed per set. When performing basically any curling motion (I prefer the preacher curl, pictured*) you will separate segments of the range of motion (bottom, top, and full range of motion). How to […]

Tricep Cable pull-downs

The tricep’s primary job is to straighten the arm and it is the antagonist of the bicep (folds arm). A great way to improve muscularity and strength in your tricep (back of the upper arm) is tricep cable pull-downs. How to do it: Set yourself up 2-3 feet away from a cable system. Use the […]

Incline Curls

Incline Curls- Inclined curls are one of my favorite bicep exercises for many reasons. I really feel it isolates the bicep, is easy to perform, and it’s positioning makes it near impossible to cheat. How to do it: Set up an adjustable bench at an angle between 45-60 degrees Sit on the bench and lie […]

ExEx Arm Week!

In the up coming weeks I will be highlighting different parts of the body and giving my opinion on what works and what doesn’t along with my favorite exercises for that muscle group. This week we start with arms. Why arms? A get a lot of requests from clients to help them improve their arm […]