Abs Myth and Tips 2

Myth #2- It takes 100’s to 1,000’s of crunches to build abs. Not true. Like i’ve mentioned abs should be trained like other muscle groups and that is true with the amount of reps and sets. If done properly; crunch until the bottom of your shoulder blades (scapula) are off the floor, pausing and squeezing at […]

Ab Myths and Tips 1

Want to get the skinny (pun intended) on abdominal and core training? Read on as I expose the myths and give you some tips. Myth #1– You have to do crunches to get a 6 pack.  Crunch, sit-up, leg raise all you want and you will actually get a 6 pack! The bad news is […]

Abs Week!

This week I will highlight the abdominals! Abs are perhaps the most sought after muscle group of them all, cherished by both men and women. What makes them so damn hard to get? Visit ExerciseExpertise.net this week to learn my tips, tricks, and advice on abdominal training  including the myths of ab training. -Josh