Cardio of the week!

Jump on a treadmill and try this interval routine to effectively burn fat.

Select your speed: beginner (3.0 mph), moderate (3.5 mph), advanced (4.0 mph)

The first portion will be a very typical incline interval routine:

3 mins warming up at your speed

Raise the incline on the treadmill to level 10 for 2 minutes followed by a rest period by putting the treadmill back down incline level 0 for 1 minute (2:1 ratio ideal for fat burning).

Repeat 8 times. (8 highs, 8 low rest periods)

But, you’re not done yet. At the end of your last high interval (treadmill still at level 10) don’t go back down to level 0 yet. Instead drop it 1 incline level every minute: 9,8,7,6, etc, until you reach the bottom. Now you’re done!


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