Cardio of the Week….

Let’s get fast and furious (without the Vin Diesel) with some plyometrics!

For those healthy enough to really rev the heart up and handle the impact of jumping check out these short hard cardio bursts. All you need is a clock or watch.

Series 1:

Jumping-jacks 30 seconds

High knees 30 seconds

Mountain Climbers (push-up position with alternating knee drives towards the chest) 30 seconds

Break 30 seconds

Repeat 2 more times…..

Series 2:

Switches(stand as if you were on a snowboard with one foot in front of the other, jump 180 degreesĀ  so your feet have switched places, squat down and touch the floor on each switch) 30 seconds

Sissy kicks/butt kicks (running in place but bringing your heel to your butt) 30 seconds

Jump Squats 30 seconds

Break 30 seconds

Repeat 2 more times….

Perform Series 1 and then 2 for a short furious cardio blast sure to have you sweating in little time. Not enough for you? Pair it with other programs included in my Getting Ripped Cardio! section.


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